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Residential services support individuals with developmental disabilities in leading happy, healthy, and productive lives in their own homes and communities.


For individuals who wish to remain in the comfort of their own home and be a part of their community PALS Residential Support may be a great option. Our Residential Services provide dedicated quality care for individuals with a customized approach around their lifestyle needs within their normal surroundings. Our goal is to support individuals with disabilities in leading happy, healthy productive lives in their home and community. 

Our highly trained Residential Direct Support Providers work closely with each individual, their family, caregivers and medical professional teams, to create and establish a support plan. Each support plan is tailored and centered on helping individuals build their self-determination and self-advocacy. 


Homemaker/Personal Care (HPC)

HPC supports a person to be more independent while meeting their daily living needs with assistance from direct care professionals.

Shared Living

Shared Living is a residential option for individuals with disabilities that provides them the opportunity to live in private family homes with dedicated caregivers.

Each of our programs offers the following services to best support the individual’s needs:

  • Health services coordination and medication administration

  • Behavioral and mental health support

  • Career support

  • Community integration

  • Social opportunities

  • Money management

  • Support at home

  • Family support

  • Life skills support

    • Cooking

    • Cleaning

    • Health

    • Hygiene


We provide residential support

throughout Ohio.

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