Self-advocacy is the understanding of your own strengths and weaknesses, developing personal goals, knowing your rights and responsibilities, being assertive about your own needs, voicing concerns and making the decisions that will affect your life. 

At PALS the goal is to provide the platform in which individuals can ask questions, learn how to become more informed, and build confidence through knowledge.  This confidence helps individuals overcome challenges in life and gain strength to become more involved in decisions that will directly impact them. 

Over the past several years we have focused our efforts on skill building and personal growth. PALS Self-Advocacy members have made it their priority to be involved in the democratic process at Local, County, State and National levels. Participants regularly attend meetings throughout the state, with one of the favorites being the annual DD Awareness and Advocacy day at the State House. Our groups are also involved in fundraising to help bring awareness to the topics they feel strongly about, providing hands-on participation opportunities which helps to increase their overall confidence and using their voice in the community.

PALS will continue to support individuals throughout their journey, providing opportunities along the way to help enrich their quality of life with practical tools that can lead to a greater understanding of autonomy and self-worth.


The DD Awareness and Advocacy Day is an annual event that has taken place for over a decade at The Ohio Statehouse in March which is also DD Awareness Month. The purpose of this event is to educate and empower people with developmental disabilities, their family members and other community allies to come together on a single day to advocate policy issues which impact the lives of people with developmental disabilities.

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PALS Gallia County partnered with Gallia County Area Hunger Challenge and other local businesses, schools, churches and community groups to host the "2019 Gallia County Area Hunger Challenge".  Over 100 community partners worked together at PALS to package 22,000 meals through Heaven Sent Ministries. These meals were combined with a Hunger Challenge in Wichita, Kansas to make a grand total of 140,000 meals that were shipped to malnourished Children to South Sudan.


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