In-Person Services 

Educational Services 

Life skills classes and partnerships with local community colleges allow participants to pursue their educational goals.

We utilize an individualized approach to assessing and assisting students that allows each student to learn and study in their college courses at their own pace. Life skills classes teach skills that are immediately applicable in the community. Courses ranging in subject from cooking to basic hygiene are taught each month. 


Individuals who attend in-person programs have the option to choose between activities in each of our service programs every day. We pride ourselves on being completely choice based so that the participants in our programs find the activities best suited for their needs and skills each day.  

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Columbus State Community College 

With the assistance of the Disability Services Department and the Sport & Exercise Studies Department at Columbus State Community College, we have worked together to build another amazing semester for individuals who want to attain a higher education.

The program consists of a variety of entry-level college classes to help ease participants into the program. The program begins with class COLS-1101, Introduction to College: College Success Skills, required for every student who begins at Columbus State

Community College. College Success Skills helps students understand what the expectations are while attending college and the tools necessary to be successful in college. The class is accompanied by a physical education class taught by the Sport & Exercise Studies Department. Once the initial two classes have been passed, students will be able to choose which classes they would like to take for the remainder of their college career.

Vocational Services

Participants interested in community employment have the option to participate in our vocational training program. PALS utilizes a progressive approach to vocational training in order to prepare participants for community employment. Participants work through a four-tiered program that teaches transferable skills and aims to ensure retention in community employment once the participant has completed all four tiers of the program.

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At PALS, we pride ourselves on offering individuals a full catalog of activities to enjoy each day in our day services. Activities build on skills including physical activities, creativity, social experiences, and living skills. Fitness, education and life skills are all very important aspects of our offerings as our goal is to help those in our programs develop holistically while having fun. 

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